I love this segment with Amy. It’s short, but she touches on several things that we as parents would be well served to keep in mind.

When talking about gender and sexuality Amy says, almost as an aside …

We are who we are and we love who we love. - Amy FrischClick To Tweet

I love that she said that and it is something I will keep in mind and will repeat to others when we are trying to create the most inclusive community we can at camp and trying to make certain our LGTBQ campers are being respected.

Our children are mirrors

I also like when Amy verbalizes something in this segment that I imagine on some level every parents knows, which is that the realities of who we are as parents and who our children are, will always be a little, (or a lot) different from how we imagined it would be. That difference does not make it any less wonderful and amazing.

Being a parent is a great opportunity to see who we are and where we can grow. I think there is gold to be found for us in every parent child relationship, but we have to have the humility and self compassion to accept our shortcomings and learn from our mistakes.

“Consciously Parenting Teens” Video Series

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An invitation to discuss Gender

This is a topic that comes up a lot at camp and I would love to hear your thoughts, fears and stories on gender. I encourage you to leave your comments below and I will respond.

If you want to here more on this subject from campers and counselor, check out our LGTBQ page.