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Artist in Residence - Michael Dates

Top of Their Trade

Creativity runs through our veins at Odyssey Teen Camp. We pride ourselves on helping our campers expand their horizons, find their artistic passion, and channel that passion into a rewarding and meaningful artistic experience.

Now we are expanding our own horizons with the OTC Artist-in-Residency initiative. As part of this program, accomplished artists who are respected in their trades will spend several days at OTC instructing, inspiring, and infusing our campers with new perspectives from a professional’s point of view. Our Artists-in-Residence may include writers, directors, culinary artists, actors, and costume designers, to name a few.

Campers benefit immeasurably by interacting with an Artist-in-Residence. No one is better qualified to provide teens with constructive, supportive, actionable feedback to help them focus on their passion in ways they never dreamed possible.

As a result of this feedback, teens gain confidence in their work and summon the will to take their artistic visions to new heights. They develop critical thinking skills and experience a boost in self-esteem.

This program is simultaneously a confidence builder, an incubator for creativity, and a source of inspiration that teens will turn to repeatedly, long after their summer at OTC has ended.

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Will You Help Us Build a World-class Program?

A successful Artist-in-Residency program requires an unwavering commitment to excellence by OTC. Rest assured that commitment will never be in short supply.

Providing teens with a one-of-a-kind experience that will pay dividends for years also requires financial resources to attract the best artists. That’s where you can help us.

Your gift to the Artist-in-Residency program will help us attract even more world-class artists to our camp, creating for your campers and future campers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that truly has the power to transform their perspectives on art, on life, and on themselves. The impact of your gift will transcend generations – and it just might inspire the next Warhol or Spielberg.