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Three campers at the gaming table. One makes a silly face.

Role-playing games do more than spur creativity; they teach us skills such as leadership and teamwork that are of benefit throughout our adult lives. Our most popular role-playing game at camp is "Magic: The Gathering."

Examples of some popular game activities include:

Magic: The Gathering Intensive

So much more than a card game! One of OTC’s most popular offerings is our Magic: The Gathering Intensive, where campers play the game together in a weeklong activity block. This game builds communication skills, promotes friendships and healthy competition, and encourages reading, math, and critical thinking while stimulating the imagination. See you on the battlefield! 

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Dungeons & Dragons

The classic role-playing game will stimulate your curiosity while teaching valuable skills such as focus, collaboration, leadership, problem-solving, risk assessment and more!

Settlers of Catan

The Settlers of Catan is a board game of strategy that's popular with some kids at camp. Settlers embark on a journey to tame the island of Catan. Players engage in clever trading and crafty maneuvers to realize their goal of successfully settling the island of Catan.

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