Artist-in-Residence Positions Teach Your Craft to Teens

Teens learn work the soundboard at one of our evening performances

Passonate About Your Trade?

The Odyssey Teen Camp Artist in Residency Program is open to established and emerging artists who are interested in passing the passion of their craft on to teenagers and inspiring the next generation of artists.

Our residents teach four classes per day. Two of these classes will have a brand new group of campers each day. Artists are welcome to teach the same class each day or submit ideas for multiple classes.

Two of the classes are what we call “intensives;" week-long classes with a consistent group of campers each day. Intensives are great for longer-term pieces like mural painting or performance-based projects.

These classes are an hour and a half each and happen Monday-Friday. One of our counselors will aid as a teaching assistant for each of your classes.

If you are interested in becoming an Artist in Residence for Odyssey Teen Camp, please fill out our application.

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Be an Artist-In-Residence at OTC And Share Your Gifts With Young People