Spirituatility Demystify The Mystical

Campers sit in meditation in the great hall.

Nature is the perfect environment for spiritual development. Odyssey Teen Camp takes full advantage of this fact. We do not advocate one spiritual approach over another but rather encourage teens to embark on their own spiritual journeys while sharing these experiences to create stronger bonds with fellow campers. Programs may include:

Crystal Meditation

Whether you are new to meditation or you are seeking to enhance your existing practices, the use of crystals is said to help you connect to a higher consciousness. We’ll get you started, and then you take control of your personal journey.

Tarot Cards

With origins in 15th-century Italy, the Tarot deck is commonly known in English-speaking culture as a device used for fortune-telling. Learn more about the fascinating history of the Tarot and find out why some believe it can help you gain insight into the past, present, or future.

Chai Tea & Tai Chi

Kick things off with a hot cup of chai, participate in a grounding exercise, and then melt away your worries with instructor-led Tai Chi. Think of it as low-impact meditation in motion. 

Astrology 101: Reading Your Star Chart

Most people are aware of their astrological signs. But did you know that followers of astrology believe the precise position of the planets at the time of your birth has a direct effect on your personality and your life? Learn how to plot your star chart and gain a greater understanding of what makes you tick. 

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