Visual Arts More Than Meets The Eye

Two campers smilng at each other while drawing

The visual arts, by definition, are creations that we can see. But a true artist knows that the most effective visual creations also stimulate our other senses, our emotions, and our thought processes. OTC’s Visual Arts programs are designed to help you expand your visual literacy. Programs may  include:

Puppet Making

Bring your creations to life in our Puppet Making class! Sometimes we work as a team with the instructor to build one large-scale puppet. Other times campers work individually to create their own puppet to take home.  

Experiments in Drawing

Can you draw a sound? A feeling? Can you draw the person sitting across from you without looking at your paper? This is a class all about challenging your senses and your drawing skills.  Campers will leave this class having broken the boundaries of what they thought they could accomplish with drawing. 

College of Collage

Collage is one of the most popular art forms in which teens of all skill levels can make art out of life. At OTC’s College of Collage, you’ll learn how to combine a wide variety of visual elements to create powerful collages that reflect your own unique perspective.

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