The Mothership A Smorgasbord of Activities

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At OTC, campers can choose from approximately ten activities each class period. If none of the activities pique their interest that day, they can go to “The Mothership.”

Within the mothership, there are four main areas. THE ART HUT, THE GAMING TENT, THE COSTUME TENT, and THE CHILL TENT. Campers can freely roam around each of these tents and enjoy the sports equipment in the field surrounding the tents.

During Evening Activities, we often open up one or two of these tents as an alternative to our evening activities.  Too sleepy for dancing? Head to the chill tent. Would you rather finish the D&D game you started during lunch than try to win prizes at the Country Western Casino night? Head to the Gaming Tent. We try to make sure everyone at camp has the option to participate in whatever activity feels best to them.

Odyssey Teen Camp is about giving teens choices in their day. We know teenagers thrive when they can curate their day to fit their interests, and we want to ensure they’re as self-directed as possible. The Mothership is one way we encourage choice. We believe there is freedom within boundaries. Providing supervised, unstructured play is one of the best ways to give teenagers the freedom to connect and thrive.

The Art Hut

The art hut is an open art studio. Here, we stock all of our art supplies. Air-dry clay, paint, markers, jewelry-making supplies, cardstock, you name it - feel free to spend a period making whatever wild and unique art your heart desires!

The Gaming Tent

Often referred to as “The Magic Tent” because of how much Magic: The Gathering is played here. This is where we keep all our board games, cards, and extra cardboard for larping. This is the spot to learn how to create a character for Dungeons and Dragons, play a little ping pong, Settlers of Catan or Coup, or stage an elaborate battle with weapons made entirely from cardboard. Anything can happen in the Gaming Tent!

The Chill Tent

Shhh. The Chill Tent is a whisper-only zone! Furnished with hammocks and inflatable couches, this is an excellent spot for reading, meditating, or taking a break. Camp is action-packed; sometimes, you just need a little time to yourself. The Chill Tent is always open during evening activities, which can be super helpful for those who get overstimulated or need a little R&R

The Costume Tent

During the Spring of 2021, we received a GIANT donation of costumes, wigs, accessories, and makeup from our Resident Drag Coach, Michael Dates, and his community. We keep all these fun dress-up materials in the Costume Tent during the summer. Our performers and Costume Crew are encouraged to use this space to make their designs! In addition, if campers want to dress up for an evening activity, they can ask a counselor to open the costume tent and prepare something fabulous. Before the bi-annual Met Gala Fashion Show, Zombie Prom, or Country Western Night, the costume tent is the most popular place to be.

The Field

There’s plenty to do outside of the tents as well! In the field, you’ll find a Gaga Pit, a basketball court, 9 Square, badminton and volleyball nets, and all the sports and circus equipment your heart desires! Sometimes we’ll set up a special event like Kiddie Pool Kickball (the bases are kiddie pools) or the much anticipated Counselors Vs. Campers Ultimate Frisbee Game. We’ll even install bouncy castles on the weekends — you never know what you’re gonna find on the Mothership Field!

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