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Tucked away in the Berkshire mountains in Tolland, MA, Odyssey Teen Camp offers a welcome respite from today’s always-connected world. Our rustic setting is designed to be free of distractions, allowing campers to be one with nature while getting to know one another through face-to-face experiences.

Upon arrival, campers are grouped into “pods." Each pod has about six cabins, and each cabin accommodates 6 to 7 teens and 1 or 2 counselors. All pods have a small pavilion or tent for group-hangs during “Pod Time,” where campers might sing, listen to music, read, or relax in a hammock.

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Pods have a bathhouse with sinks and bathroom stalls. Showers are located in the shower house (a 5-minute walk from the pods). All shower stalls have hot water and shower curtains for privacy.

Dining Hall

Campers gather three times a day for nutritious meals at Cookie Hall, our modern dining facility. Each meal includes vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and non-vegetarian options. We have a salad bar with plenty of choices and we can accommodate most dietary restrictions. Meals are served buffet-style, and campers are welcome to help themselves to seconds. Plus, healthy snacks (and some treats) are provided during the day. 

Art Hut

Campers spend time in our Art Hut, where creativity and imagination run wild. From pottery to weaving to painting to anything else our teens can dream up, the Art Hut is a hub of creativity at OTC. We encourage a DIY attitude that promotes resourcefulness, and we are always amazed at the masterpieces created with tape, cardboard, and markers.

Barefoot Ballroom

As the name implies, the Barefoot Ballroom is where OTC campers can learn and practice dance, movement, and so much more. The ballroom also hosts yoga, movie screenings, and class discussions, among other activities.


Located next to a 16-acre private lake, the Boat House is the base for the wide variety of water activities offered at OTC, including canoeing, paddle boarding, and swimming.


This is where our teens let their talents shine. The Amphitheater hosts many of our camp activities, as well as class presentations, games, talent shows, and movies.


Our cabins are rustic. Each cabin typically has 4-6 campers with one or two counselors. These cabins are well-ventilated, with large windows on each wall. Bathrooms are a short walk from the cabins.

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We’d love to speak to you by phone or video. We talk to parents, we talk to teens. We sometimes speak to parents and teens together.