The Jeremy Ruehlemann Love Loudly Project

Jeremy Ruehlemann surrounded by younger boys at camp.

About Jeremy Ruehlemann

Jeremy Ruehlemann was an incredibly loved member of The Odyssey Teen Camp family.

His love for his campers taught them to love themselves. Jeremy gave love easily and abundantly, especially to those who needed it most.

To continue honoring Jeremy’s legacy, the Ruehlemann Family started The Love Loudly Project, a project intended to honor Jeremy and the lessons he left us with. This project is a gift intended for teenagers who resonate with Jeremy’s story. His family has written about his life, the lessons he learned at OTC, and the light he brought to the world.

In order to apply, please read the letter below and tell us a little bit about why you connect with his story and why you’d like to receive this scholarship in our application form.

An open letter to Jeremy, our first son

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Donate to The Love Loudly Project in memory of Jeremy Ruehlemann