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a 501c3 nonprofit overnight camp for teens 13-18 in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. 

poets, artists, LGBTQ+, theatre kids, gamers, hippies, goths, shy kids, activists, punk rockers, geeks, nerds… can express themselves and embark on their own personal odyssey of self-discovery.


Campers tell it like it is in these teen testimonials. Hear why teenagers from all over the world join us each summer and what keeps them coming back.

“This camp is the closest thing to Hogwarts that I can find for my daughter.”

– Pamela K, Oakdale NY

“Odyssey Teen Camp is a rare find. It’s like a giant decompression chamber in nature.”

– Kim D, Hempstead NY

“Your shy, struggling, march-to-their-own-beat child will feel completely and totally accepted.”

– Betsy C, Meadowbrook PA

“OTC is out of this world for campers and parents. It is safe, welcoming, and caring”

– Stacey P, Brooklyn NY

“This is the first time where my son said he felt completely comfortable to let go and be his true self.”

– Michelle B, Danbury CT


Gender Diverse Housing at Odyssey Teen Camp

Gender Diverse Housing at Odyssey Teen Camp

  Our biggest question One of the biggest questions we get all year is how we assign campers to their cabins at OTC.  Unlike many other camps that decide housing based on the binary genders of “boys” and “girls,” we at OTC have chosen a different approach. We...

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Telling Ourselves a Different Story 

Telling Ourselves a Different Story 

Learning from disappointment and frustration When a camper wants to call home after only being there for a few days, they usually ask their parents to come and get them. They are tired from walking; they don’t love the rustic camping lifestyle; they miss their cell...

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Adam Simon, camp director
Tax ID: 82-4842206

Odyssey Teen Camp is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization.

This camp must comply with regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the Tolland Board of Health.