Passionately Becoming True to Ourselves at Summer Camp

Passionately Becoming True to Ourselves at Summer Camp

The following post comes from Phoebe, a current camp counselor, that she wrote about attending Odyssey Teen Camp as a teen. Phoebe’s passion for our loving community shines through here in a way that’s different from the typical posts we share on our blog, and we thought it’d be really valuable to re-share with you. Enjoy!

Phoebe’s Take on Odyssey Teen Camp

“Odyssey Teen Camp is fantasy football, but a little less jockey. I don’t know much about sports, but I am vaguely familiar with the concept of fantasy football. I believe that this is what Odyssey Teen Camp is. It’s a collective of just these superhumans coming together to create this amazing and forceful atmosphere. All these people across America, some from lame suburbia to the complexities of New York City and even across the globe all come together, and together we create a team of humans that’s unlike anything you’ll ever experience.

The kind of people that attract Odyssey Teen Camp, if you come from a small town like me, at best, you could find 2 to 3 in your hometown. However at camp together it’s a population of 200 spectacular humans all bringing something different to the table. We are all so different but all have the same goal in mind, and we just produce this amazing flowing energy of creativity, self-authenticity, and unapologetic self-expression. I think that is what makes the environment so special.

You come into camp, no one knows your backstory, social standing in your high school, or even your last name. I think the anonymity that presents itself towards the campers is what allows us to so passionately become true to ourselves, and for a lot of cases for the first time in our lives. It’s the first time we have this place of just complete radical self-acceptance and once we enter the woods and strip ourselves from the outside world, and judgments, and even cell phones this new mindset just enters so naturally. For 11 months of the year, we are all so inclined to harbor these true emotions or ideas but at Odyssey Teen Camp you are released of any hesitations and have so many crazy opportunities to learn, whether it’s a funky new skill or something about yourself.

One of the most gratifying experiences at Odyssey Teen Camp is just taking a step back and looking at the community itself. You can look into the field and see such a broad spectrum of different of people coexisting so freely. The energy and lovingness this space creates are just so satisfying. A lot of times on the subject of leaving camp the word ‘reality’ often shows up in the conversation, as if this little bubble of utopia is just this synchronized dream a couple of hundred teenagers are experiencing at the same time. What we do and experience at Odyssey Teen Camp is completely real and valid. We made this amazing inclusive environment of just pure joy and simpleness just because we decided to, and that is truly spectacular.”

Superhumans come together at camp

Phoebe’s palpable passion is such a fantastic example of the type of young person that makes our teen camp such a special place to be. By gathering a group of like-minded teens together, we really are able to break down the barriers that define us and open ourselves up to something larger.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to come and be a super-human with us? Are you ready to leave behind the person you might be being for someone else, and dig deeper into who you really are? And, better yet, actually get to BE that person free of judgment?

If so, we’d love to see you this summer. We have some Open Houses coming up this Spring where you can come meet teen camp staff and campers.

Or, if you’re already convinced, you can just go ahead and get registered now.

We can’t wait to see you this summer!

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A great place for teens to be exactly who they are in a community that celebrates diversity. 


Why Wait? Enrolling Early for Camp Has BIG Benefits

Why Wait? Enrolling Early for Camp Has BIG Benefits

Enrolling early has BIG benefits.

They say “good things come to those who wait,” but when it comes to a summer at Odyssey Teen Camp, we believe that enrolling early is the best way to set you and your teen up for success! Check out the top reasons why you should stop waiting and enroll today:


The early bird gets the best bunk (and deals)

Families that enroll early save more on their camp tuition with the Early Enrollment discounts we offer in the Fall! Flying into camp? Enrolling early also gives you more flexibility to find great deals on flights.


You can get what you need

Have any special requests for financial aid or bunk assignments? Enrolling early will guarantee your teen’s spot at camp and give our team time to meet your requests.


Flexibility with your summer fun

Not quite sure which session dates will work best for your family yet? You can still enroll now and switch sessions as needed once the summer gets closer. And if your plans change, there’s no need to worry – your deposit is fully-refundable through April 1st.


Early admission into the OTC family

Enrolling early also means you score invitations to exciting OTC events like the reunion! If your teen is nervous about going to camp for the first time, attending a camp reunion is a great way to ease their fears. They’ll witness the warm embraces and hearty laughs between best friends who first met at camp – proof that we mean it when we say you’ll leave OTC with lifelong friends. In fact, they will probably leave the reunion already having made a new friend or two!


If your teen is looking forward to the summer of a lifetime, don’t wait – start your application today!
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