Weird & Wonderful Stuff That Doesn't Fit a Category

Weird and wonderfully unique activities at OTC.

When an OTC activity is just too unconventional to fit in a category, it ends up here – and here is a great place to be! So whether you like to monkey around with wrenches or you have a wickedly weird sense of humor, welcome to Odyssey’s Stuff That Doesn’t Fit in a Category:

Fairy Houses

Do you believe in fairies? We do. This class takes you through the history of fairies and other tiny mythical beings in folklore. After we talk about who the fairies are and where they come from, we build tiny mossy homes for them to rest their little heads and feed themselves on berries and acorns.

Let's Have a Parade For No Reason

In this class, we make floats, signs, and songs for our colorful, weird, and wonderful parade around camp! We may disrupt some discussion classes or pop into the busy office to chant and sing, but that's all part of the chaotic fun! What are we having a parade for? No reason!

Car Maintenance

Learn the basics of auto maintenance every driver should know, from changing a flat tire to jump-starting a car to replacing a headlight. The next time you break down, don’t call the mechanic; just grab a wrench and roll up your sleeves (and impress your friends in the process).

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