Play Magic: The Gathering At Odyssey Teen Camp

Magic: The Gathering Card Game at Camp

Magic: The Gathering is an intense card game where wizards cast spells, summon creatures, and use magic objects to defeat opponents. Players assemble decks of cards with special powers they use to play the game. At Odyssey Teen Camp, you can find campers playing Magic throughout the day (and night).

The MTG Scene at OTC

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Two Classes a Day

There are always at least two magic classes during our four activity periods. One is a Magic Intensive and one is a magic one-off.

Magic: The Gathering Intensive

If a camper signs up for a Magic Intensive (a week-long class), they will be provided with a starter deck & participate in matches throughout the week to “build their deck.” They get to keep that deck and take it home!

Magic One-Off Classes

In Magic one-off classes, campers are given cards to play with during class - or they can play with cards from their own collection. If you’re a Magic The Gathering fanatic, feel free to bring your own cards. 

When You Can't Get Enough MTG

There is plenty of time to play Magic: The Gathering outside of class time as well! Campers and staff are often seen playing Magic during meals, while chilling at the pod, during the evenings, and in the Gaming Tent at The Mothership.

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