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Gender Diverse Housing at Odyssey Teen Camp

By Adam Simon | February 23, 2022 | Comments Off on Gender Diverse Housing at Odyssey Teen Camp
Group of gender diverse teens outside of their cabin

Our biggest question One of the biggest questions we get all year is how we assign campers to their cabins at OTC.  Unlike many other camps that decide to house based on the binary genders of “boys” and “girls,” we at OTC have chosen a different approach. We have listened to counselors and campers over…

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From a Feeling of Malice to Hope: One Camper’s Personal Odyssey

By Odyssey Teen Camp | November 2, 2020 | Comments Off on From a Feeling of Malice to Hope: One Camper’s Personal Odyssey
Kendall with their guitar

Odyssey Teen Camp means different things to different campers, but one thing they all can agree on is that OTC changed their life. Kendall was a camper at OTC starting in 2014. His life was transformed as he built friendships, discovered a new sense of belonging and regained his confidence. Here Kendall shares his story…

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Passionately Becoming True to Ourselves at Summer Camp

By Adam Simon | April 8, 2019 |
Phoebe in the art hut and adjacent image of her in the woods

The following post comes from Phoebe, and it’s really something. Phoebe’s passion for our loving community shines through here in a way that’s different from many of the posts we’ve put up this year, and we thought it’d be really valuable to share with you. Enjoy! Phoebe’s Take on Odyssey Teen Camp “Odyssey Teen Camp…

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From Apprentice to Dungeon Master: Odyssey’s First Camper-Led Intensive

By Adam Simon | April 12, 2018 |
Teens playing Dungeons & Dragons

This next blog post comes to us from Richard DeVivo, a long-time camper who spent his final year at OTC leading an intensive on his own. His passion for Dungeons and Dragons turned into an ambition to lead a campaign as Dungeon Master for a small group of people at camp. Here’s what Richard has…

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Midnight Tea: A New Camp Tradition

By Adam Simon | January 31, 2018 |
Kaya in the art hut

Every year, we get returning campers who come to Odyssey Teen Camp for their second, third, fourth, or fifth year at camp. If you came to camp and loved it, returning might seems like a no-brainer. But what if most of the friends you made in the past aren’t going to be there? This is…

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I Faced My Fears and I Found My Power at Teen Camp

By Adam Simon | June 15, 2016 |

Below you can read how Caroline used just the few weeks she had at camp to transform her life. It’s been amazing to watch her learn and grow. Caroline’s Story “Signing up for the Feel Your Fear, Find Your Power workshop was one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I first went…

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A 14-Year Old Finds Compassion for Her Parents Through a Buddhism Workshop at Teen Camp

By Odyssey Teen Camp | February 5, 2016 |
Shira smiles peacefully in with hands folded looking up at the ceiling while lying in her bed

This next story comes from Shira. She talks about how her camp experience helped her find a new way of living she had only dreamed was possible. Shira’s story “Someone the other day asked me what the correlation between who I am, who I want to be, and who I think I should be was.…

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“My Heart Feels Lighter When I’m at Teen Camp”

By Odyssey Teen Camp | January 26, 2016 |

Shae Sennett wrote this piece about camp “Whenever I talk about OTC (which is a near-daily occurrence), I always end up being asked the same question: What is it about this camp that makes it so special? As a result, I have spent many hours pondering what exactly makes this experience so unique. I’ve come…

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Learning What it Means to Be Alive at Summer Camp

By Adam Simon | January 20, 2016 |
Leanna smiling wide

There’s something about being at teen camp that’s hard to put the finger on. Everything seems to happen faster while we’re just relaxing and getting to know one another. What follows is an email Leanna sent us about what camp has meant to her: friendships, fulfillment, and family. We’re so glad she overcame her hesitation…

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The Sweetest Sound I Ever Heard – At Odyssey Teen Camp

By Adam Simon | January 12, 2016 |
Alma with her pink hair at camp

Hello, friends of Odyssey Teen Camp. As is our weekly tradition, we’d love to share a story from one of our summer camp family. This time we’ll hear from Alma, who shared this story with us. It’s her college essay, and the prompt was, “What was the sweetest sound you ever heard?” We think it’s…

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