Introducing an 8 part series to help parents

This is the first of an eight part interview series I conducted with Amy Frisch, a wonderful therapist who has been leading teenage girls’ groups for over twenty years.

In this segment we discuss the challenges teenagers face as they begin to leave their childhood behind.

The dark tunnel

The call of adolescence is to leave your childhood behind. That evolution, from childhood into adulthood, is like a dark tunnel. - Amy FrischClick To Tweet

Amy calls it a “dark tunnel” and I know that sounds dramatic, but you are leaving behind what you’ve always known and you don’t know exactly who you will be as a young adult, or how people will receive you.

It’s a reminder that adolescence is not easy, and maybe that’s why when I talk with most adults and tell them that I run a summer camp for teens they often say, “I don’t think I would want to have to relive those years again.”

Amy offers parents some great advice that I know will help your teenager on this journey through “the dark tunnel.”

And just maybe your child will look back on his or her teenage years some day and be reminded of how supportive you were as a parent.

“Consciously Parenting Teens” Video Series

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