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Thriving with new confidence, and forming new friendships at camp

Every so often, we’ll get unsolicited emails from parents telling us how much teen camp has meant to them and the campers that they send to us. This is one such occasion. When you get a group of well-meaning teenagers together, magic really does happen. Teens get this reputation for being surly, or distant – but most of them are yearning for connection and positivity. They just need to be in a safe place to experience it.

Letter from an OTC Mom

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that our daughter found her two weeks at [Odyssey Teen Camp] life-changing. In fact, she used those very words to describe her experience.

Finally, she was around people who understood her. Finally, she could express and explore who she is deep inside without fear of ridicule or condemnation. Finally, there were fun and exciting offerings that spoke to her and helped her grow. Finally, she could thrive in a non-competitive environment–sing, dance, paint, do chakra yoga, participate in rituals, be in nature, heal, and support others in their journeys.

She bonded closely with a number of campers and counselors even though those two weeks were her first and last at OTC. We feel blessed to have discovered your teen camp, and were so glad you had such a wonderful web presence with fantastic videos. Those are what sold us on trying the OTC experience; we were not disappointed.

When at the end of two weeks my husband and I drove to New York to pick up our daughter, we expected a quick loading of the car and return to Massachusetts. Instead, we spent well over an hour while our beaming, glowing, radiant child introduced us to I don’t know how many counselors and teens with whom we ended up having fascinating conversations. Truly, it felt like magic.”

Come experience the magic for yourself

We really hope you’ll come and take a chance on a magical camp experience us this summer. Come and be radiant. Sing, dance, paint – and make friendships that might last a lifetime. Click here to enroll today!

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