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How many teens come to the summer camp program? How long do we stay?

We generally have between 140-160 campers each session. You have the option to come for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks.


What kinds of teens come to camp?

We think we are the perfect summer camp for teenagers looking to explore new things in a safe and loving community. Teens who might not think of themselves as “camp kids” often love our camp for the freedom it affords them to explore what interests them, on their terms. Check out  some photos from past summers here at OTC.


What is a typical day at camp like?

Our days are very full, with a good mix of fun activities and relaxation. We offer four activity periods each day. Two of the activities change daily and the other two activities run from Monday to Friday. We have dinner together as a community every night, followed by “community chill time”, which is a time to relax, hang out, play games, create art, play music, and connect with one another. After that, we have an evening activity such as campfires, talent shows, dances, and camp-wide games. Most nights, we offer two options for evening activities. Check out our activities and daily schedule.


What is summer camp food like?

Food at Odyssey’s summer camp is far from your usual summer camp fare. Each meal includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. There are always superb salads and occasionally organic, free-range beef and chicken. All meals are made from scratch using as many organic and local ingredients as possible. Meals are served buffet style, and campers can take as much as they want.


What is OTC all about?

Odyssey Teen Camp is about joining a community that will love you for exactly who you are. Our program offers more than 50 unique and exciting activities designed specifically for teenagers and their personal growth.

new campers

How many new campers are there each summer?

About half of our campers will be coming to OTC for the first time. For many it is their first extended period of time away from home. The inclusive community makes it easy for new campers to feel welcome at camp. Our staff is specifically trained on welcoming new campers and helping them make connections.

new campers

What is the average age of teens at Odyssey, and do all ages do everything together?

Our campers are a pretty even mix of teenagers between ages 12 and 18. For the most part we are one community and all ages can participate in activities together. Our 7 different pods, which are based on age and gender, often participate in activities together. Pods are mini communities within our larger camp community. 


What are the cabins like?

Our cedar cabins are well maintained and comfortable. In our female assigned at birth pods, we have eight teenagers and two counselors share each cabin. In our male assigned at birth pods, 4-5 campers share a cabin with 1-2 counselors. Teenagers are housed by age and gender, and we happily accept up to 2 cabin mate requests. Check out our cabins here.


What is the summer camp facility like?

Our camp is located on 450 beautiful country acres just 90 minutes north of New York City. The facility has cedar log cabins, a large swimming pool, a lake for boating, a 50-foot climbing wall, high ropes course, and many other great features. There will be several open houses where you can walk the facility and learn more about camp in April through June.


How do campers communicate with friends and family?

We want to give you the opportunity to really enjoy camp, so we ask that you leave your cell phone at home. You will be able to make phone calls home using our camp phones, after your first week of camp. We also encourage letter writing. Family and friends can send letters to:

Odyssey Teen Camp
115 Camp Road
Holmes, NY 12531

make new friends



adam simon, camp director



summer address
115 camp road
holmes, new york 12531

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