Promoting imagination, authority questioning and critical thinking. We encourage teens to ask how we can all work towards a more equitable world. 



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At Odyssey we create a community focused on compassion instead of competition, both at camp and beyond.

discussion classes

We create the space for teenagers to think about, discuss, and debate subjects not often talked about in school and everyday life. 

protesting activities

Teens make protest signs about issues they are passionate about and march through the camp, or sit together and talk about the myriad of issues troubling the world today.

thoughtful dialogue

Teens sit together and talk about the myriad of issues troubling the world today. We do not shy away from difficult conversations about gender, class, or race.

“We’ve always been a great camp for teens concerned and passionate about making this world a better place.”

Adam Simon - Director of Odyssey Teen Camp

We offer political discussion classes that produce some great conversations and we have tough talks about stuff like school shootings and equal rights that pertain to campers’ lives.

We’ve offered week-long intensives we call “A Week of Resistance” where teenagers learn how to be effective activists. Campers make pamphlets on issues they are interested in, write letters, and make phone calls to their representatives, learning about minors’ rights, debate on issues, and, of course, end with a protest.

Many campers say that the best thing about OTC is that they do not feel judged. Over the years, I’ve seen that when teens are freed from the fear of judgment and emotional stress they can relax and become their best selves. This also leads to the creation of a close-knit community—where campers feel free to share their talents, political views and are able truly connect with others in a meaningful way.

I invite you to join our community of jazzed teenagers and adults who share a passion fo social justice and making this world a better place for all of us.

– Adam Simon
Director/Owner of Odyssey Teen Camp

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cool stuff to do

Each day campers get a choice of over 50 different activities to do.
Here are just some of the great classes we offer:

give your budding social activist teen the opportunity to
engage, exchange ideas and have a great summer

For questions, call the director, Adam Simon

(844) 239-6882


Adam Simon, camp director