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Why be ACA accredited?

At Odyssey Teen Camp, we understand that your biggest concern is for the safety of your teenager. We also know you have goals for your teenager’s development related to the powerful lessons the camp experience provides in community, character-building, skill development, and healthy living. We share those same goals, which is why we have taken the added step of becoming an Accredited Camp through the American Camp Association (ACA).

ACA Accreditation is the best evidence parents have of a camp’s commitment to a safe and nurturing environment for their campers. ACA Accreditation means that your camp cares enough to undergo regular reviews of its operation. Accreditation involves evaluation in the categories of food service, transportation, health care, management, staffing, and programming. Additional information on what is entailed in accreditation can be found [here].


What kinds of teens come to camp?

We are the perfect summer camp for any sensitive, creative thinking teenager who is looking to have a great time while exploring new things in a safe and loving community. Teens who might not think of themselves as “camp kids” often love our camp. We are a great camp for teenagers who could use more time laughing, running, playing, swimming, and connecting with people face-to-face. 


What is OTC all about?

While Odyssey Teen Camp is a lot of things, it’s primarily a safe place for teens to explore who they are, free from negative judgment and external pressures. Our entire program is geared exclusively toward teenagers ages 12-18 and includes more than 50 activities every day. While we offer traditional programs like sports, arts, dance, music, and nature, we also offer many unique activities like improv comedy, poetry slams, firewalking, henna tattooing, trance dancing, sweat lodges, meditation, martial arts, and acro-yoga classes.


What age are most of the campers?

Generally, our camper population is a pretty even mix from 12 to 18.

how many

How many teens come to the summer camp program? How long do they stay?

We generally have around 110 campers each session. Campers have the option to come for 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks.


Where do campers come from?

About 90 percent of our campers come from the Northeast, and the other 10 percent fly in from around the country and around the world.



What is a typical day at camp like?

Our days are very full, with a good mix of activities and relaxation. We offer four activity periods each day. Two of the activities change daily and the other two, called intensives, go from Monday to Friday. We have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together as a community every day. After dinner, we have “community chill time”, which is a time to relax, hang out, play games, create art, play music, and connect with one another. To close out our day, we have an evening activity such as campfires, talent shows, dances, and camp-wide games. Most nights, we offer two options for evening activities. Check out our activities and daily schedule.

health care

How about healthcare and medical facilities?

We have 2 highly experienced registered nurses on the premises full time. We also have a fully equipped infirmary. We are a 20-minute drive to a hospital or walk-in clinic. We dispense prescription and nonprescription medications during breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bedtime.



What is summer camp food like?


Food at Odyssey’s summer camp is far from your usual summer camp fare. Each meal includes both vegetarian, gluten free and non-vegetarian (vegan) options. There are always superb salads and occasionally organic, free-range beef and chicken. All meals are made using as many organic and local ingredients as possible. Meals are served buffet style, and campers can take as much as they want. OTC campers and staff rave about our food! If you have any special dietary concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us

financial assistance

Do you offer financial assistance?

Odyssey is committed to helping families with limited finances. Eligibility for financial assistance is primarily determined by your family’s gross annual income. If you would like to apply for financial assistance fill out this form.

new campers

How many new campers are there each summer? Do they come with friends?

At least half of the campers will be there for the first time, and for many it’s their first time away from home for any extended period of time. The majority of teenagers come by themselves. While it’s normal for new campers to worry whether they will make friends, generally within a few days people make great connections.


What are the staff like?


We hire about 45 of the most fun, loving, compassionate people we know. They are a wonderful mix of artists, athletes, yogis, musicians, and comics, passionate about supporting teenagers. They all have at least one year of college, and their average age is 24. We do an extensive background check on all staff members before they are hired. Learn more about our summer staff here.


What are the cabins like?

Our cedar cabins are well maintained, and each cabin sleeps eight people, six or seven teenagers and one or two counselors. Cabins are grouped together in what we call “pods” and each pod has about six cabins. The campers, counselors, and pod leader become a mini-community in our larger camp community.


What is the summer camp facility like?

Our facility is located in the SouthWest part of the Berkshires of Massachusetts. We are on a gorgeous 416-acre private facility that features a 16-acre private lake for swimming and boating. In addition to many comfortable cabins, large ball fields and an outdoor amphitheater, we have several great indoor spaces for things like dancing, yoga, and cooking classes. Our facility also has a great kitchen/dining hall with room to eat inside and outside.


Do you pick up and drop off to and from the airport?

We pick up campers at Boston’s, Logan Airport, as well as Bradly and Brainard airports in Hartford CT. We bring a crew of counselors there and collect each camper as soon as they get to their baggage claim area. We have their cell phone number and they have ours and we talk as soon as their plane lands. We also communicate with parents as well throughout the process. It works well. Sometimes flights are delayed, but we just stay and work it all out. Then everyone gets in one of our vans and drives the ninety minutes to camp.


How do you keep campers safe at camp?

While our camp has a free feel, we have very clear rules regarding behaviors that are allowed and not allowed. We have zero tolerance toward alcohol and drugs.


 My child is a little shy at first and doesn’t want to be electronics free… are other kids like that?

Regarding electronics, not having their phones for a few weeks is a great thing for teenagers, they just don’t know it yet. Just like they don’t know how much fun they will have at camp. If your child needs to call home it will not be a problem. They can just let me or their counselor know and it will not be a problem.

life skills

Also are there any life skills learned at camp?

As far as life skills go, I would say the best thing most teens learn at camp is to like themselves more and feel better about their future. We offer 50 activities every day, many of which are great life skills, but the real strength of our camp is helping teenagers relax, have fun, and connect with the people around them. To become more comfortable in their own skin. I think this makes it easier for them to live happier and more authentic lives.



my teen

This sounds great, but what about my teen?

If you have any questions or concerns about how your teen will do at Odyssey Teen Camp, please contact us at (844)239-6882 or a


How do campers communicate with friends and family?

We want to give campers the opportunity to really enjoy camp, so we ask that campers leave their cell phone at home. Campers will be able to make phone calls home using our camp phones, after the 1st week of camp. We also encourage letter writing. Family and friends can send letters to:

Odyssey Teen Camp
1266 East Otis Road
Tolland, MA 01034

(Seasonal Address June 25th to July 26th)

Phone: (844) 239-6882

Parents are always welcome to call the directors to check in on their teenager.



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Adam Simon, camp director