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Adam Simon - Director of Odyssey Teen Camp

Many campers say that the best thing about OTC is that they do not feel judged. Over the years, I’ve seen that when teens are freed from the fear of judgment and emotional stress, they can relax and become their true selves. This also leads to the creation of a close-knit community—where campers feel free to share their talents and truly connect with others.

We have a well represented number of campers and staff who identify as LGBTQ at Odyssey Teen Camp. As Director, I want everyone at camp to be seen, heard, respected and loved. I do not want teens to feel like they are put in a “box” that does not represent who they are, particularly a “gender box.”

Odyssey Teen Camp is a safe place to explore, express, and question gender identity and gender stereotypes. It’s also a great place to relax, have fun, make great friends and be the person you want to be.

Recently I interviewed my friend Amy Frisch, a great therapist who works with teenagers about gender and she said ….

we are who we are and we love who we love and we have bigger things to worry about than the gender someone prefers to identify with.”

That feels important to remember as we try to help every teenager who comes to camp to have a great experience.

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For questions, call the director, Adam Simon

(844) 239-6882


Adam Simon, camp director