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Our Facilities and Cabins

About Our Accommodations

Upon arrival, campers are sorted into “Pods,” grouped (generally) by gender and age. Cabins typically have 6-7 campers per cabin with one or two counselors.

These cabins are well ventilated, with large windows on each wall.

Campers will store the majority of their belongings in suitcases that can slide under the bed. These suitcases need to be no taller than 13.5 inches to fit under the beds. Each bunk has two small shelves and hooks on the side of the bed for hanging towels, daypacks, and laundry bags.

All pods have a small pavilion or tent for group-hangs during “Pod Time” where campers might be singing, listening to music, playing Magic cards, reading, or relaxing in the pod hammock.

Pods also have a bathhouse with a few sinks and 2-4 bathroom stalls. Showers are located in the shower house (a 5-minute walk from the pods) — so campers should bring shower caddies to transport their soap, shampoo, towels, etc. All shower stalls have hot water and shower curtains for privacy.

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Odyssey Teen Camp is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization