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Odyssey Teen Camp is a 501c3 nonprofit organization



Odyssey Teen Camp started in 2002 as an experiment in what can happen when kindness and compassion intentionally replace judgment and competition.

We know many teenagers struggle to find their way and feel good about themselves. This can be particularly true for the LGBTQ+ teens and all teens that feel like they don’t fit in.

At Odyssey these teenagers recognize that they will not be judged, but rather are going to be included, honored and celebrated for exactly who they are. This does a world of good for a teenager’s confidence. Being in an accepting community like OTC allows all teenagers to relax, connect, have fun and re-imagine their place in the world.


Authentic Relationships

A community based on trust and kindness, where teens make real, honest, and valuable friendships with so many different people. Teens are able to let their guard down, relax, laugh, and learn about themselves.

no judgment

Be Exactly Who You Are

Teens develop the confidence they need to have integrity and a sense of self that is not determined by the judgments of others.


Connection Through Trust

Each member of our community is an individual. Teens design their own programs every day. With over 50 different cool activities to choose from, campers can try out all sorts of new things.


Emotionally and Physically

We provide campers the freedom they need to thrive while keeping them emotionally and physically safe. This is a safe space for teens to feel seen, respected, and supported.

who does well at odyssey?

About 150 teenagers come to Odyssey Teen Camp each summer. Close to 70% are coming for the first time. Most of our campers are kind, creative, sensitive, intelligent and occasionally insecure teens. Some are shy, some identify as LGBTQ+, and some are your regular wacky and wonderful teenagers trying to find their way. We also have campers who are president of their class or valedictorians, although you might not know it unless one of their friends told you. We believe we are a great camp for every teenager because every teen can benefit from a few weeks in nature, away from home, making great friends and doing all sorts of new and interesting things in a kind, inclusive, non-judgemental community.

the camp director

Adam started teen camp nineteen years ago with the vision of creating a space where teenagers would know they are safe from bullying or negative judgments and would feel free to try new things and be who they want to be. Adam has a physical education degree from University of Connecticut and lives in Westchester with his wife Jena, a nurse practitioner, his stepson Zubin who is in college and his six-year-old daughter Aviva. When not working Adam likes to play golf, watch sports, read, and spend time with his family.


Adam Simon


What is the summer camp facility like?

Our facility is located in the SouthWest part of the Berkshires of Massachusetts. We are on a gorgeous 416-acre private facility that features a 16-acre private lake for swimming and boating. In addition to many comfortable cabins, large ball fields, and an outdoor amphitheater, we have several great indoor spaces for things like dancing, yoga, and cooking classes. Our facility also has a great kitchen/dining hall with room to eat inside and outside.

Campers enjoy swimming at the lat at OTC



Healthy, Organic, Delicious.


Meals are always a favorite time of day at OTC. Teens can eat as much as they want. Our summer camp food always includes fresh salads, pasta bar, great vegetarian and vegan dishes, gluten and dairy free options. The meat we serve is free-range organic chicken and beef. We always have lots of fresh bread with peanut butter and jelly. In the afternoon and at bedtime, we often have snacks of fruit, cookies, and juice. We do everything in our power to accommodate special dietary choices. Watch the video below!


an alternative camp

Odyssey Teen Camp began as Omega Teen Camp in 2003 in partnership with the Omega Institute. In 2014, the Omega Institute decided to leave the camp business. So Adam decided to continue the camp as Odyssey Teen Camp with the same mission: to provide teens with the best summer of their lives. 



News, Events, Stories

Become a part of our growing camp family. We can’t wait to see you this summer.

make new friends


Adam Simon, camp director