Anna Loza sitting in a giant amethyst geode

Anna, a first year counselor shares her observations of how each camper brings a unique kind of love to teen camp.

“As a first year counselor, I immediately felt an atmosphere of open acceptance. Campers told me that this was their sanctuary, a place for them to refill their cup during the summer. Throughout the weeks, I was often heart-struck during conversation with campers where they shared their inner world and perspective on life. I was consistently amazed and inspired to hear the profound ways that the teens interpreted the world, feeling the depth of their introspection and understanding of profound concepts.

With such a great group of people everyone makes friends, and it brings out the best in all of us. After a few weeks of amazing classes, intensives, and community, I realized that our lives had changed. I saw how the teens had built resilience for the coming school year. By the end of camp they knew that some part of the magic of OTC was worth bringing home.

On the final walk to meet their parents at the end of camp, a teen shared with me: ‘Every person I met here has brought a unique kind of love into my life,’ and we acknowledged that we will both carry that forward.”

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