Adam with his toddler-age daughter Aviva

I started a camp for teenagers about fifteen years ago when I was in my mid 40’s and looking to find work that felt important. I had the idea I could help teenage boys who were struggling to find their way. I had loads of anxiety and sadness when I was a teenager, and didn’t know how to express what I was feeling, or who I could talk to. I think plenty of teenage boys feel the way I did. Inside they are spinning with all sorts of questions, doubts, thoughts and feelings which they manage to hide, as they walk around acting like everything is okay. I should mention that since the day camp started, my boys camp has been 60%-65% girls, and that has been just perfect.

The reason I think your teenager should come to Odyssey Teen Camp is because I believe everyone can benefit from a few weeks away from home. Camp will give them an opportunity to explore who they are, and help them move past some of the negative beliefs, thoughts and actions that hold them back, and limit their happiness. At camp, teens can literally reinvent themselves while making the kind of supportive and loving friendships they only dreamed of.

So, why won’t most teenagers come to camp? I imagine one reason is because it feels scary to go to a place where you do not know anyone. People probably imagine either being picked on, or not making any friends at all. For some, the thought of not having their cell phone and being able to text friends seems like too much. I was reading a book recently about teenage girls, and the writer said teenage girls are not actually addicted to social media, but rather they are addicted to each other, and social media is a primary way they stay “connected”. To me it seems so limited, but what do I know, I barely know how to text. Many parents just know their child could really benefit from our camp, but also know their child is not willing to be away from their friends. I think it’s unfortunate, because I believe in most cases the things they will learn about themselves, and the friends they will make, will give them a chance at a happier life.

If there’s anyone in your life who you think sounds like a good fit for teen camp, don’t hesitate to call me at (844) 239-6882. We hope to see you this summer.

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