A great summer camp for shy teens with social anxiety to branch-out, expand and connect with themselves and others.

Your child doesn’t have to spend the summer alone staring at their phone and sleeping till noon. They can experience the joy of being fully alive and engaged.

Your teen really can and will …

  • Make meaningful friendships that can last a lifetime
  • Laugh and have fun more than they’ve had in a long time
  • Try unique and interesting activities every single day


Or call the director, Adam Simon:
(844) 239-6882


stories and insights from our campers on making new friends and feeling accepted. 

is OTC right for your child?

some words from the camp director, Adam Simon

Adam Simon - Director of Odyssey Teen Camp

I can’t think of many things better for an anxious teenager to do than come to camp and make close friendships with a bunch of other kids who are just as anxious as they are.

Instead of feeling like a freak or weirdo, you recognize you’re just a regular anxious teenager, not all that different from the other 175 anxious teenagers at camp. Being in a community where you feel seen, accepted, and loved by teens your own age and counselors who are a little older, (not ancient like their parents), can be a profoundly healing experience.

– Adam Simon
Camp Director/ Owner

what parents have to say about Odyssey Teen Camp

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get in touch with the camp director, Adam Simon.

more thoughts and experiences from campers 

cool stuff to do

Each day campers get a choice of over 50 different activities to do.
Here are just some of the great classes we offer:

give your socially anxious/ shy teen the opportunity to
try new things, connect with others and have a great summer

For questions, call the director, Adam Simon

(844) 239-6882


Adam Simon, camp director



Odyssey Teen Camp
1266 East Otis Road
Tolland, MA 01034

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