make a difference in a teen’s life and get paid doing it.
receive $150 cash and get a $150 discount for your friend when they register.
a total win-win for everyone.


it’s a double payday!

It’s simple. You receive $150 cash for every friend that you refer, and your friend receives a $150 discount off their tuition. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer or how much you can earn. The friends you refer must be first-time campers at OTC and they must attend at least one camp session.

how it works

1) Go to the registration page to join.
2) Enter your name and email, then click “join.” (Boom! your account is set up)
3) Share your custom OTC link with your friends that have never gone to OTC and start earning. It really is that easy

see it in action



Adam Simon, camp director



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1266 East Otis Road
Tolland, MA 01034

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