A few years ago, we decided to ask parents what they saw Odyssey Teen Camp doing for their teenagers. This is a wonderful video to watch and truly get the scope of transformation that parents see from the outside. We’re so honored to be a place where teenagers can learn self-reliance, healthy communication, and positive relationships with themselves and others. The video is transcribed below. Thanks for watching!

“This was Kayla’s second year here—she loves it here. Last year when we brought her, she was an entirely different kid from when we dropped her off and when we brought her home. When she left, she wouldn’t talk to me; she was in a really bad place. When we picked her up two weeks later she was transformed and she brought that transformation home, and she loves being here. It’s a great, accepting, wonderful place to be.”

“It’s been the most amazing experience for her. She’s made lifelong friends, and she’s found confidence and self-esteem and gotten to explore things that she never would have otherwise.”

“Mila, our daughter, this is her third year coming to Odyssey [Teen] Camp. She absolutely loves it. It’s a place where she learned self-love, love of others, expression and understanding of all the diversity of humanity. She absolutely looks forward to being here and hanging out with the beautiful friends she’s met here, because it’s just a place where we get to BE. It’s also in a beautiful environment. Every kid should come to Odyssey, it’s fulfilling for the soul, spirit, and being.”

“At this camp, it’s very much in the moment, when you wake up in the morning you’ve got 50 different things you can pick from that day and do it with the friends that you’re making as you’ve been here. It’s reallu about being in the moment and all the things they offer are great.”

“I’m about to pick them up, and last year when I picked them up, the first thing they said to me was: ‘Mama, this was a life-changing experience.'”

“This is the second summer that my children have attended Odyssey Teen Camp. They come form Copenhagen , Denmark, and they absolutely love it.”

“[This is a] world where kids don’t have that opportunity to connect with other kids and open up, to feel free, and to feel like they have a safe harbor to be themselves. This is a really unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. I would highly recommend it for anyone—for any kid who wants to be free.”