Our Nurse Clare with a winking camper

Below is a post from Clare, our camp nurse. We thought you’d love to get her perspective on why she keeps coming back to camp, and what makes Odyssey Teen Camp so special.

I can’t think of a better place to work than OTC. Every morning I would wake up around 6:30am and head out to my golf cart, wiping off the dew before I headed down to the office. I would pass the lake and then drive the half mile commute passing the cabins that were partially hidden by the trees. I love the setting here. It’s big enough to find new corners yet small enough to feel protected. It’s peaceful but brimming with energy at the same time. It truly is a safe and healing environment.

I also couldn’t ask for a better team to work with. The skills, creativity, enthusiasm, compassion and warmth that the counselors show every day is truly magical. I saw a counselor down at the mothership hours after the campers had gone to bed, looking for a campers lost belongings. Another time, I saw a counselor sit up all night because one of her kids was sick. The office staff were some of the kindest, calmest and most competent people I have ever met. There were a few difficult situations that cropped up here and there but I never had to deal with them alone. The support I received everyday at camp was wonderful but at those difficult times, it was everything.

The moments I remember the most are the connections I made with the staff and the campers too. There were probably 4 or 5 kids that would come to see me fairly often. They weren’t physically hurt or sick but I think they enjoyed my tea quite a bit. Sometimes a kid would be struggling with something and ask for my help. Gradually I would see them less and less which meant they were overcoming that particular struggle…that always made me feel good.

Every night after I gave out evening meds and it was time to head up to the cabins, I could guarantee there would be a group of campers angling for a ride up the hill. There was no problem with their legs, as they would often race alongside the cart if it was already full. There would always be a friendly banter going on about who needed the ride the most. It never failed to make me laugh.

3am and I have been called out to one of my kids who is sick. As I pull on jeans and a sweatshirt and head outside to my golf cart, I take a moment to look up at the sky. I have never seen so many stars and I think to myself (for the hundredth time) how lucky I am to be here.

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