The Jeremy Ruehlemann Memorial Fund

Jeremy Ruehlemann surrounded by younger boys at camp.

About Jeremy Ruehlemann

Jeremy Ruehlemann embodied the mission of Odyssey Teen Camp. He knew the power of unconditional and unbounded love and gave that love to everyone at our camp.

Jeremy arrived at OTC in the summer of 2012 as a young person with big walls up and, like many teens, had to learn how to build trust in others. But in just a week, after experiencing the power of compassion, vulnerability, and a community that refused to give up on him, those walls came down. He saw the way that emotional openness, encouraging words, laughter, hugs, and smiles changed people's perceptions of themselves, and he never looked back.

Jeremy was a counselor for six beautiful years after that. When kids who were seen as tough or challenging came to camp - Jeremy didn't see them as a problem to be solved. He was excited. He couldn't WAIT to see what unconditional love could do for them. Particularly to young men, he was like the ideal older brother - he encouraged them, he opened up to them, and he embraced them for exactly who they were. In a culture where young men are so rarely taught to be kind and vulnerable with each other, Jeremy effortlessly modeled positive masculinity.

His love for his campers taught them to love themselves. His constant encouragement and appreciation of their talents facilitated teenagers to see the light already inside of them. He gave love easily and abundantly, especially to those who needed it most. His radiant smile was like sunshine - it warmed even the toughest, most stubborn kids.

In order to continue the work that Jeremy started here on earth, Odyssey Teen Camp is announcing the Jeremy Ruehlemann Memorial Fund.

In Jeremy's name, we hope to send many teens to camp whose families would otherwise not be able to afford tuition. Our community had an incredible example in Jeremy Ruehlemann. With this fund, the counselors and staff who marveled at his ability to warm hearts and change minds will continue to do so in his honor.

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