Teen Camp Gathering

For over ten years Nancy Chernoff has been coming to camp and leading the most amazing workshops. Her courage and whole-heartedness help all of us move beyond our self limiting beliefs. Below she shares a few words about what teen camp has meant to her.

“When I was growing up and asked what I wanted to be…I don’t ever recall that a “FIREWALK MOTIVATIONAL LEADER” was part of my plan! 🙂

After 20 year as an IT professional, at the age of 40 my career path took a drastic but amazing change!  It was at Omega Teen Camp (now Odyssey) that my heart skipped a beat and my passion and fire came back into my life.  My inner flame had ignited and that question…”what is my purpose” had finally been answered! FearlessFlame Empowerment Workshops was born in this sacred space!

I am blessed to part of the Odyssey Teen Camp family.  As an invited faculty member for the past 10 summers, I’ve had and continue to have the opportunity to guide hundreds of teens through a transformational experience.

“Feel your Fear Find your Power” has helped the teens of OTC find their power in the midst of their greatest fear. The “Odyssey” is about adventure, especially when filled with notable experiences! This is why each year the kids keep on coming back!

OTC is truly a place where the heart lives, even if it’s only for just a couple of weeks a year!  It’s not a place with the comforts of home, but it’s a feeling from deep inside that tells you are home.  A community that is built every summer by a bunch of fabulous teenagers and incredible counselors.

In this remote town of Holmes New York there is a home for hundreds of teens that is free of judgement and free from FaceBook.  A community of individuals of all ages and all cultures that come together in this inclusive environment to learn, grow and have fun!

This is what Odyssey is all about and at 50 years old I get to be exactly who I am!

I do hope to see you all this summer!”

We can’t wait to see you at teen camp, Nancy! If you want to meet Nancy and brave the fire walk (or at least watch), come on out and join us! We’re just an hour away from New York City, and we’d love to see you there!