Two elders at camp

For thirteen summers Bill Record, a.k.a. Medicine Bear, has been leading sweat lodges and unique building projects at camp. He has been an inspiration and mentor to thousands of teenagers and camp counselors. We are lucky to have a man so committed to helping teenagers navigate their lives. Below Bill shares some of his feelings about Odyssey.


Gratitude is a key spiritual practice that we may take too lightly. For example I carry with me an eternal gratitude for the time I have spent at Teen Camp. It keeps me young to hang with a bunch of teens for a month each year. I just had my 70th birthday and most of my headspace is still 18.

The sweat lodges at teen camp are the highlight of my year. It is a ‘Gift from the Gods’ to allow me to pray and sing with a group of young adults. The girls lodge is especially moving. To be in a lodge with 100 young women singing “Amazing Grace” is absolutely mind boggling.

At one of the girls lodges last summer they started singing at the beginning of the second round and sang continuously throughout the round. One of the songs was a call and response type of song with a faint female voice at the far side of the lodge calling with the whole lodge responding. Magic Manifested Magnificently!! I told them that round would go into the Guinness Book of Records.

Another special moment is when there is a period of total silence. Everyone has let go of their usual mental chatter and entered into a dialog with the Infinite. There is an opening to touch Sacred Ground that can eventually be accessed more easily in daily life.

I really don’t know how to fully express my Gratitude for the Sacred Gift of sharing this space with a group of young men and women.

Peace and Blessings,
Medicine Bear

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