Three campers sitting at a table in the dining hall, smiling and flashing peace signs

Often past campers, now in their 20’s, will tell me that coming to our camp “saved their life”. I imagine what they are saying is that they came to camp feeling confused and distant from a lot of things and that they felt seen, accepted, respected, and loved at camp. This went a long way towards helping with daily life when they returned home from camp.

I was reading through some of the staff applications yesterday and took notice of one staff member who wrote “Adolescence is no joke”.

She went on to write this was the very reason she wanted to be at camp. She understood and respected the tremendous opportunities for growth during these years.

Below is a short video of campers who became counselors sharing their camp experience. They are incredibly talented, intelligent, powerful, and accomplished. Seeing and hearing them now it is hard to imagine them as less confident teenagers five or ten years ago, but as we all know, adolescence is no joke.

As a quick aside, we have nine incredible cooks preparing our food this summer. I can very safely say we will have the most fun kitchen crew, cooking the most delicious food you can imagine. If you know a teenager that could use a few amazing weeks at camp, please tell them about us, and share this video on social media.