Camp Reunion in Central Park

I can’t believe OTC is the only place where people ask Vinny to glue hair to his face and pretend to be Steve Harvey. What’s wrong with this world? (Vinny’s the second person from the left with the green hair).

“Hi my name is Vinny and I happen to do stand up. I’ve gone to OTC for 3 years and this last year has been the most influential. When I first got to OTC I was really closed off, my whole life was spent really being alone and being myself only in the confines of my home. The people in my school really never got me as a person, taking all of my jokes and dumb things that could only be called weird performance as serious displays of my character. OTC is a magical place, only to be described as a place for kids who are self aware of high school anti-intellectualism. It was really the only place where when I put myself out into the world people responded in a good way. It was really the catalyst for me to start being my own person. When I got back from this year not only did I start to actually like myself, but I actually met people I could relate to. Look, unless OTC has secretly been tricking me and my life is like the Truman Show and everyone’s an actor leading me on zany plot lines with goofs and antics, sign your kid up for OTC. It’s literally the only place where people will ask you to glue hair to your face and pretend to be Steve Harvey for a couple of hours.”

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